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EXPOADVISOR for the clients

Gain more from your exhibition: before, during and after

Get the full view of your trade show and its purpose

Cost savings and keen eye on the economy from the beginning to the end

Knowledge about unforeseen invoices, these are certainly reduced

Ensure you budgets and renders from suppliers that suits your business and capable for the job

Be upfront on everything and adhere to important deadlines

Extensive knowledge and network of suppliers and sub suppliers

Knowledge and advice on AV-equipment, what creates most value according to your wishes

Advice about lead generation and most importantly maturation of these

Save time and resources in finding the right solution and retrieving all the information in one place

We only sell our expertise, experience and knowledge, therefore we can promise only to do what´s best for you

We guarantee, if you have used us once, you´ll do it again  

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Bjørn Andersen
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What the clients state

To get all that knowledge and expertise on our side. the creativity and ingenuity of how the processes are solved best possible and with a keen eye on the economy, I see that as a big advantage for us as a company.

- Monica Lund Stocholm, Marketing Director, BMI Denmark (Icopal & Monier)